The "Dorita"
- a Nesting Dinghy for your yacht or leisure use.

Principal dimensions:
        L.O.A.          3.12  m (10'  3.0")
	Beam            1.53 m  (5'  1/4")
	Sail area       4.50 m2 (42 sqft)

	Length after taking apart:
			    1.63 m (5' 4"). 
'Dorita' has been designed with simplicity of build in mind. The hull shape has a mix of sharpie and single chine type in its heritage. Instead of the flat bottom of the sharpie, 'Dorita' has a 'vee-d' bottom. This type of design has the benefit of very little twist in the hull panels and yet she has a sweet shape.

The arrangement of seating etc. is conventional, with a daggerboard case in the forward half of the boat. Storage and buoyancy is provided in the enclosed aft seats and in the forepeak tank. Total volume in those tanks is 166 liter.

'Dorita' has a nested deck space requirement of only 1.63 m x 1.53 m (5' 4" x 5' 3").

Nesting dinghies are mainly used on yachts but there is also a growing demand by leisure sailors who have limited storage space for a dinghy at home. Where a full size dinghy and trailer are difficult to find space for, a nested dinghy usually can be stored.

Material: 6mm (1/4") Marine plywood
Method: Epoxy stitch and glue (taped seam)

The plans detail all parts and panels required for the building of the boat as well as all fittings and the rig. Detailed building instructions are included with the plans, illustrating the various tasks in easy to follow steps.

The hull is built in a simple construction cradle rather than 'free-form'. A cradle makes building a lot easier and ensures accuracy of build.

Control of the boat's shape is further assisted by the interior fit-out consisting of aft buoyancy tanks, mid-thwart/daggerboard case assembly and the forepeak tank.

The sail plan above shows the boat with a 'leg-o-mutton' sail with a sprit boom rigged on a free-standing mast.

There are hardly any shop bought fittings needed for rigging her. A daggerboard and lifting rudder are all you need for the sailing version. The spars are short and can be either aluminum pipes or timber.
Dorita 01.JPG
She has been designed to take a short shaft outboard motor. Recommended Power: 2-3.3 HP, but if you beef up the transom she will carry a 5 HP motor.
Rowlocks may be fitted as either primary means of propelling her or as a back-up to the motor.

If no sail is going to be set, the internal fit-out can be simplified by omitting the daggerboard case.

If a take-apart dinghy is not required, just leave out the second mid-bulkhead during the build.
Dorita 02.JPG

Plan Prices
Please read my Ordering Guide
Plans for this dinghy consist of two A0 (44"x33")sheets and one A1 (33"x22") sheet and detailed building instructions.

This set of plans is suitable for lofting all your own hull panels, bulkheads and all other parts and components.
For a small scale preview of the plans click here...
Plan costs:
53 (+/-US$60) - which includes 13 admin (shipping) and entitles you to the building of one boat.

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