The 'Pinta' sailing dinghy:

Principal dimensions:
L.O.A. 3.2m (10' 6"), beam 1.48m (4' 10")
Sail area: 5.9m2 (64sqft).
She has three buoyancy compartments.

This dinghy was specifically designed to be an easy-to-build 'Simple Dinghy', offering an alternative to full racing boats of low free-board and sophisticated rigs.

This means you can get out there and sailing with a minimum of fuss. For this reason it is also an ideal sail trainer and could be a Cadet boat for sailing clubs. As a family boat it could get your children started in the sport.

Plywood stitch and glue using only 4 sheets of marine plywood. In addition, the building method is really simple
- see building diary and animation .
For additional pictures of her sailing click here..
Pinta 03

The dinghy is of single-chine design and is very light - the prototype's finished hull weighed 40kg (88lb).

When the dinghy was originally designed, it had a "Gunter" gaff type sail rig, as seen in the photos. A single mainsail, just like the Mirror dinghy's had in the past was set on this.

In a recent update to the design a new rig and mainsail was designed. Instead of the Gunter rig's mast plus gaff, we now use a two-part mast that joins with a plug and the two parts can still stow on the boat. The sail is raised on mast rings which slide up on this simple aluminum tube spar.

The mast is free standing so there are no shrouds, stays and associated bottle screws and other fittings. In fact very few shop-bought fittings are required for this simple dinghy.

A daggerboard and lifting/kick-up rudder are all that is needed to complete the sailing version. See the new sail plan at right.
Pinta 3.2
Pinta sailing

The same hull can also be rowed or powered by a 2.5-3.3 hp outboard motor, adding versatility to its usage - one of which is of course as a tender to a yacht.

Successful sailing tests have been carried out and she proved very responsive and with a good turn of speed, which is gratifying as it proves that a simple boat need not be slow.

She was sailed by an experienced dinghy sailor during a test sail and photo session. In the gusty conditions the boat planed readily. The hull shape is certainly suitable for planing under sail or power. In the right conditions this should provide some exciting sailing.

Plans for this dinghy consist of three A0 (44"x33")sheets and one A1 (33"x22") sheet and very detailed building instructions as "Pinta" is seen as an ideal first project.

This set of plans is suitable for lofting all your own panels, bulkheads and all other parts.

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