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Building the 'Sinbad':

Bertrand and Stéphanie have a Jeanneau sailing yacht and are planning to sail around the world. To fit the available deck space they wanted a nesting dinghy and chose "Sinbad", which is 3.10 m when assembled and 1.61 m long when nested. Construction has started and they kindly let me have some pictures.

In France they can get 3.1m x 1.53m marine plywood sheets and using this size there is no butt-joint in any panels.

SF01 SF02
Here the topside and bottom panels are placed in the cradle, note there are no taped butt-joint of course! Also the floor stiffeners have been glued in on the bench. Seen from the other end, wiring up has begun.
SF03 SF04
Bertrand used saw horses to support the cradle. He seems busy wiring in the bow transom. Both transoms are in as well as the mid bulkheads. Work has started on the aft buoyancy tanks and seats.
SF05 SF10
The plywood thwart seat-top sections have been temporarily placed across the mid bulkheads and dagger board case. The thwart structure has gone in and glassing internal joins is pretty much complete, the dagger board case is wedged to preserve alignment till the epoxy has set.
SF11 SF14
Here the starboard gunnel is going on. Three laminations 10mm thick to bend easier. Another view, it always takes a lot of clamps!


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