The Aludink "Amazon" sailing in the Antarctic:

On completion, Kate & Hamish Laird named their Aluminum Dinghy "Amazon" and after some sail tests, including a check on the capsized flotation, shipped her down south to Uruguay where she joined the mother ship, the Expedition Yacht 'Seal'.

'Seal' regularly charters in Antarctic Waters where Leopard seals can be a menace to inflatable dinghies.

From a recent charter trip they sent some impressive pictures: --

This short text came with the pictures:
Thomas and Kate reefed down, sailing through the icebergs ...

64 deg 49 S
63 deg 30 W
Dorian Cove 

-- we had a leisurely Christmas in Port Lockroy and then came around here in 
the late afternoon. It doesn't actually go dark this time of year, so there's no problem 
with arriving late at an anchorage....
Check it out on Google Earth, copy/paste the position in this format into the 'Fly to' box:
64 49' S, 63 30' W.
Alu1 Alu2
Alu3 Alu4
Alu5 Alu6

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