Introducing the "Nexus" - Nesting Dinghy.

Principal dimensions:

	L.O.A. 3.32 m (10' 10.7"),
	Beam   1.50 m (4' 11"),
	Stowed length: 1.7 m (5' 7")

	Sail area - 4.84 m2 (52 sqft). 

She has buoyancy compartments in each half, i.e. in the enclosed aft seats and the forepeak.


Material: 6mm (1/4") Marine plywood
Method: Epoxy stitch and glue (taped seam)

"Nexus" extends my range of nesting dinghies that started with "Sinbad", a 10-footer. "Piccolo" followed to fill the requests for a smaller dinghy, she is a 9-footer.
"Nexus" is an 11-footer and whereas the previous nesting designs were pram dinghies, this latest design has a conventional bow.

She is an "Alegra" sister, but with a straighter stem to make the forward half shorter and the bows are lower to keep nested height down.
The hull shape inherited from "Alegra" will make her sail efficiently. Trimming her a bit towards the bows while rowing will improve her shape for that duty. Trim her more towards the stern for when an outboard motor is fitted and she will be capable of some speed without squatting unduly.
"Nexus", is a little beamier than "Sinbad" and "Piccolo". On the other hand she stows in just 1.7m (5' 7") length.
The rig is like "Piccolo's" - a triangular 'leg-o-mutton' sail, similar to a windsurfer. Having a luff sleeve it just slips over the mast. The boom can be either a sprit or a wishbone boom. There are hardly any shop bought fittings required for rigging her.

The free standing mast is 4.66m (15' 4"). It can be sleeved to come apart for stowing.
Transom height on this dinghy accommodates a standard shaft outboard motor. Power: 2-6 HP, max. 9.9HP
Hull shape: This boat is of the single chine type, but with the addition of a flat keel strake. This makes joining of the daggerboard case and mast step easier and of course improves hull shape.

Basic building techniques as used in building the 'Alegra' apply also to this boat. It is therefore helpful to study the entire construction process of this 'sister-dinghy' in-Building the 'Alegra'.

Detailed building instructions are included with the plans, illustrating the various tasks in easy to follow steps.

The plans detail how to build the simple cradle cut from particle board. Not only will a cradle benefit accuracy, it also makes building a lot easier.
The interior fit-out consists of aft buoyancy tanks, mid-bulkheads, thwart, daggerboard case and forepeak tank.

The two mid-bulkheads are butted together with thin shimming material. Separating the two halves is done with a hacksaw blade or back saw.

Plan Prices
Please read my Ordering Guide
Plans for this dinghy consist of two A0 (44"x33")sheets and an oversize A1 (33"x22") sheet and detailed building instructions.

This set of plans is suitable for lofting all your own hull panels, bulkheads and all other parts.

Plan costs:
53 (+/-US$60) - which includes 13 admin (shipping) and entitles you to the building of one boat.

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