Introducing the "Swift"
a fast double chine 15 foot sailing dinghy

Principal dimensions:

L.O.A. 4.62 m (15' 2"),
Beam 1.98 m (6' 6"),
Sail area - Main and working jib: 12.05 m2 (130 sqft).
She has eight large buoyancy and stowage compartments formed by the enclosed side seats and the forepeak

Material: 6mm (1/4") Marine plywood
Method: Epoxy stitch and glue (also known as taped seam, or tack and tape)
This boat is of double chine design and consequently more challenging than the single chine and Sharpie hulls. However, due to the novel assembly method it is still a fairly easy build.

Building Diary: To get a closer look at a 'Swift' being built, there are step by step pages you can check out by clicking this link -
Building the 'Swift'. Six pages take you through the construcion of the hull, interior fit-out and finally to finishing and fittings. Each page is illustrated with pictures taken during the actual build.
Sailing pics: An informal collection has been started and this link will get you there:
Sailing pictures of the 'Swift'.

This project can be tackled by a handy amateur boat builder and although the "Swift" is a substantially larger boat than the "Pinta" or the "Piper", the same basic building techniques are used.
Swift sailplan Full building instructions come with the plans, illustrating the various tasks in easy to follow steps. A simple assembly cradle ensures accurate shape. Interior fit-out takes place while in the cradle.

The first boat has just been completed and is udergoing sailing tests, which have been very encouraging. The boat is fast and stable and planes easily. Pictures of the boat sailing are not yet available, but as soon as we have some we will be displaying them in a separate gallery.

The sail plan shows the boat rigged using a Gunter gaff main and a non-overlapping working jib.
This type of rig performs much like a Bermudan due to the long leading edge of the main, but with the benefit that the shorter tubular spars are easier to handle and cheaper to buy.

Alternatively, this boat may of course be rigged Bermudan - the sail proportions remain the same.

The picture to the left shows the boat rigged and ready to launch. To allow single handing, this boat's jib has been fitted with a wishbone boom making the jib self-tacking.

A pivoted centerboard and kick-up rudder let you explore shallow inlets or lakes.

The "Swift" is a very roomy boat with lots of space for family or friends, and she has plenty of storage capacity for a picnic outing.

The hull was designed to have a good turn of speed in comfort, however if sailed by an energetic two-man crew this boat will plane easily with a good breeze abeam.

From leisurely gunkholing to fast and exciting sailing, this easily built plywood sloop will prove to be a capable craft to do it in.

Plan Prices
Please read my Ordering Guide
Plans for this dinghy consist of three A0 (44"x33")sheets and one A1 (33"x22") sheet and detailed building instructions.
For a small scale preview of the plans click here...
This set of plans is suitable for lofting all your own hull panels, bulkheads and all other parts.
Plan costs:
73 (+/-US$82) - which includes 13 admin (shipping) and entitles you to the building of one boat.

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