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Sailing pictures of the 'Swift':

Having recently completed the dinghy as described in the "Building Diary", she was sailed on a number of weekends and under different wind conditions. - She is lots of fun.
But till now there was no-one to take pictures. These first pictures of her sailing were taken on a day that was very windy and a reefed main alone seemed indicated.
She is nicely behaved with this minimum sail area, giving the helmsman full control without undue athletics. This however did not mean we were slouching around!
Reaching, we were mostly sailing near hull speed and in sustained gusts she planed quite satisfactorily.
I had checked sailing speeds on a previous outing with my Garmin e-trex GPS. Theoretical hull speed is just short of 5 knots and it is useful to memorize the changing wave patterns as one exceeds that speed.

There are more pictures on the following pages, showing her under full sail and in Sail Training use.

Swiftsail1 Swiftsail2
Swiftsail3 Swiftsail4
Swiftsail5 Swiftsail6


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