The "Alegra"
- a multi-purpose dinghy.

Principal dimensions:

	L.O.A.      3.35 m  (10' 11.8")
	Beam       1.475 m    (4' 10 ")
	Sail area    5.0 m2   (54 sqft). 

I designed this dinghy originally to be an alternative tender for my yacht. The ply/epoxy "Alegra" weighs only about 48kg/105lb, whereas my aluminum tender is a more hefty 78kg/172lb. Your yacht would have to be flush decked for stowing her on the foredeck.

I can see her also as a super family fun boat to take to a lake near your home, where you can let your kids learn to sail.

She is safe and stable, has buoyancy compartments in the enclosed aft side-seats and the forepeak.

Material: 6mm (1/4") Marine plywood
Method: Epoxy stitch and glue (taped seam)

Construction diary - see Building the 'Alegra'.

I have designed and tested a few rigs for this dinghy. You can use most any mast and dinghy sail easily available.

Just mail me the dimensions and I will check on suitability and balance and suggest how to rig it up. The sprit rig and the triangular 'leg-o-mutton' sail are two suggestions to show what can be used.

A free-standing mast would be my first choice to avoid rigging wire etc.

Here are a few pictures of the Alegra sailing with a fairly large sail. This is a gunter gaff rig, which keeps spars short.

Recently I came up with an experimental sail based on a jib. See Experimental sail for "Alegra"

Alegra is long and slim enough to row easily. It is always a pleasure to row quietly to and from the yacht, so I recommend fitting rowlocks at the mid thwart.

For longer hauls of course an outboard can be fitted. The transom height is suitable for a short shaft outboard motor.
Power: 2-6 HP, max. 9.9HP.

Hull shape:
"Alegra" is of the single chine type, but with the addition of a flat keel strake, which improves the hull shape, making it closer to a double chine form. Beneficial is also that the flatness of the keel panel makes joining of the daggerboard case and fitting of the mast step easier.

Only a little extra work is required compared to a pure single chine shape:

There is the keel panel to cut out and one more seam needs taping as in effect there are now two keels joints.

A good example of the flat keel strake can be seen in Piccolo built in California - this link takes you to some very interesting pics of a recently completed boat.

Plan Prices
also read my Ordering Guide
Plans for this dinghy consist of two A0 (44"x33")sheets and one A1 (33"x22") sheet and detailed building instructions.

This set of plans is suitable for lofting all your own hull panels, bulkheads and all other parts.

Plan costs:
40 (+/-US$45) - which entitles you to the building of one boat.
Total costs including shipping:   53   
(+/- US$60)
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