Wavedancer Quick Assembly Method:

All Wavedancer nesting dinghies use an extremely simple connector system, which makes assembly in the water and on land very quick.

Once the connector system is engaged, the boat is already safely joined up. The two ring-bolts required for full strength can be screwed in at leisure.
Ring bolts are hand tightened, requiring no tools and are kept on lanyards.

The animation shows the simplicity of our assembly method. It starts with the two ring bolts already removed and demonstrates at first how to separate the hulls. With the hull sections apart, it goes directly to rejoining them.

Noteworthy is that the animation is slowed down to less than half actual speed! So in fact the disassembly and re-assembly shown here takes less than half the time this animation runs.

(Loading of animation may take a little while...)

For the demonstration we used the "Sinbad 2", the larger sister to "Sinbad".

Links to detail pages of our nesting dinghy designs are listed in the table below:

Piccolo: 2.78 m (9'1.5") Sinbad: 3.08 m (10' 1") Dorita: 3.12 m (10' 3")
Nexus: 3.32 m (10'10.7") Sinbad 2: 3.40 m (11' 1.8") Normus: 4.00 m (13'1.5")

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